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Everything goes in the 450 degree oven.  Why turn on the oven in June? Seriously, I don’t know.  Not the best idea, but I did it.

Baked king salmon-simply roasted with lemon, salt and pepper.

New Potatoes roasted with garlic-roasted for a long time in cast iron with olive oil salt and pepper.  Nice crunchy bits.

Baby zucchini roasted with lemon and olive oil-I accidentally put a bag of TJ’s baby zucchinis in the freezer, so I pulled them out and popped them in the oven with sliced bits of lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.  They totally dehydrated and were determined inedible by all 4 of us.  Yes, even Sam would not eat them.  DO NOT FREEZE ZUCCHINI.  You’ve been warned.