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TOAST is So Good.

At risk of sounding self-serving, the restaurant Heather and I own is SO good.  I really can’t claim much other than the fact that I played a part in dreaming the dream and hiring (the most) amazing people, but hot dog did I do that part right.

It always feels so strange to me when people tell me what a good job I did with TOAST.  What I always say, and I mean this genuinely, is that I’m truly happy people like it and that all I do is stay out of peoples’ way and let them shine – which they do so very well.

We recently completed an expansion, kitchen re-build, and menu overhaul which nearly shattered me.  It was a TON of work for everyone involved, but I’m so proud of the results.  Below is the current menu.  Not only is it seasonal, organic, and mostly gluten-free (hooray!), it is also incredibly creative, honest, and delicious.

Oh, and it’s also kid friendly (assuming your kids will eat split pea soup – which my boys thought they didn’t until they took one bite of mine…..)

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.48.59 PM

finger food

mixed marinated olives     4toasted almonds, fennel pollen, salt   4

fried chickpeas, fish sauce, hot pepper, lemon   4

bourbon-spiked chicken liver pate, toast     4

white bean spread, lemon oil, toast     5

house-made pickled seasonal vegetables, aioli   6

cypress grove fresh goat cheese, zucchini, basil, pumpkin seeds, urfa pepper   9

warm acme epi bread OR mariposa gluten-free bread with california olive oil + honey butter  3

small plates

serrano ham, bellwether farms carmody, pickled raisins, poppy-seed crostini   12

roasted baby carrots + marinated beets, mignonette vinaigrette, dill   7

deep-fried mahi mahi + agretti, lemon, aioli   9

grilled gypsy peppers + broccoli di ciccio, capers, olives   9

marin sun farms pork meatballs, tomato sauce, arugula, pecorino sardo   12

soup +  salads

soup: green split-pea puree, sumac, cilantro, lime   8arugula, melon, cucumbers, pistachios, sherry-shallot vinaigrette   8

chopped little gem lettuces, prosciutto, radishes, mint-yogurt dressing, lemon   10

main plates

baia pasta, zucchini, spinach pesto, fennel seed, vella mezzo secco   16

local king salmon, hen of the woods mushrooms, turnips, carrots, fresh ginger salsa  23

grilled steak, frisee, fried potatoes, tomato + sorrel salsa, paprika aioli   17

oven-roasted chicken breast, apricot, shaved radicchio + fennel, chickpeas   24

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

we use seasonal, local + organic vegetables, sustainably + pasture-raised meats, + monterey bay aquarium-approved seafood