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Craving TOAST for Dinner 

Kristen, now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag, we decided that it would be o.k. to dine at TOAST for dinner.  Thank god we did!  Rebecca had a few surprises on the menu including the Fried Mahi Mahi.  I thought, gee that sounds good.  The girls thought, gee that sounds like fish sticks.  So we ordered one for the table.  Low and behold a beautiful dish of lightly fried Mahi arrived along side perfectly fried onions and what looked like rosemary.  I thought rosemary would totally over power the dish, so in my duty to make sure everything is perfect I tried that first.  .  . it wasn’t rosemary .  .  . it was some sort of succulent, the name of which I cannot remember.  It was truly that – succulent.  The rest of the dish was devine, so we had to order a second.  Everything we ate was pretty much spectacular – which is really all I ask for from TOAST.   I threw in a picture of the Ceci Beans, just to demonstrate that chickpeas rock.