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Kids ate leftover hot and sour soup from the other night and kale/egg fried rice.  I was jealous and can neither confirm nor deny that I snuck in a few bites when bringing it to the table for them.

Hubby got home at 10 after a loooooong day at work and I whipped up a quick sautee of cherry tomatoes, flat leaf parsley, & garlic in chili oil tossed with rice noodles.  I thinly sliced the skirt steak and put that with the remaining ajichurri on top of the pasta.  It was a slightly odd flavor combo, but it made for the perfect thing to eat while we watched House of Cards.

Rice noodles & skirt steak

Rice noodles & skirt steak

The noodles were Trader Joes’s fresh rice noodles and, while they had a nice mouth feel (not too mushy), they were very glutinous (they don’t contain gluten, but were very gummy/sticky).  I will try them again and might consider rinsing them before and/or rinsing them immediately upon taking them out of the boiling water.