Drugs and Cantaloupe Dinner

Sorry for the radio silence.  The past few days have a whir, including mostly dinners out.  The last time I ate at home Sam was away and the girls requested “silly dinner”.  Usually silly dinner is kids’ choice.   There are two rules:  1. no broccoli, 2. no candy.  Anything else is fair game.  This time though I made melone con procciutto and called it silly dinner.   They weren’t totally convinced but did indulge.

Just to catch up we had Sushi on Friday and last night take out from A16-pizza heaven.

Now I have a big announcement.  My sister Hilary is visiting this week and is trying out the Paleo diet, which is impossible for me to get on board with because wine and cheese are off limits. It sounds like a form or torture, which I guess most diets are! Hillary claims that this diet can help people with food allergies overcome them.  She and I share an allergy to raw plant matter.  This means if we eat carrot sticks, celery, cucumber or any other raw plant we get super itchy in our mouths, throats and ears.  Sometimes it can make my throat start to close up.  As a result the only raw plant matter I eat is lettuce unless I am heavily medicated – as I was the night of silly dinner.

Anyway, my reacent sushi dinner made me want to be able to eat Avacado, which is currently a near death experience.  So, I’m going to make up my own version of the Paleo diet. I’m going to stop eating grain and legumes and see what happens.  Fortunately that will mean I will also be eating a gluten free diet, which will make it possible for Kristen and I to eat the same food when we are traveling in Maine at the end of September.  Double win.  Stay tuend for reports of miracles.

I should admit, that in order to eat the cantaloupe in the silly dinner mentioned above I primed myself with a double dose of antihistamines:  claritin and hydroxazine. I did itch, but I didin’t die.  It was totally worth the resulting drug coma.  The melon was perfectly ripe and I hadn’t risked eating it for a few years.  So a this was a big culinary adventure.

Now I have to figure out what to make for dinner tonight!