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Grain Free Chicken Soup

We are that Berkeley family that has chickens free ranging it in our back yard.  We are the Urban Homestead, the final frontier.  I wondered how communing with chickens would effect my family’s ability to eat meat.  I can safely say, after a year of living with chickens, none of us even bats an eye at roasting one of our feathered friends.  We wouldn’t actually eat one of “our” feathered friends, but we would buy one and eat it with pleasure.

Last night I made grain free chicken soup.  I worried it wouldn’t have enough body to be filling with out my standard addition of Quinoa.  I worried I’d crave a nice hearty bread to soak up the last few bites.  But all great experiments require determination and so I stuck to my plan for a straight forward soup.  Perfect for a rainy night.

The soup included homemade chicken broth, chicken mean, onion, carrot, celery, zucchini, kale, garlic and oregano.  I added hot sauce and feta cheese to give it a punch.  It was delicious, filling and just the perfect thing.