Out to Dinner Celebrating the Legalization of Gay Marriage in California

Kristen and I were out to dinner with our husbands and our friends Emma and Michael, two of the blondest, kindest, and all over superest people you may ever meet.  While we had dinner plans for some time and weren’t out to actually celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in California, I am taking poetic license and suggesting we did because 1.  I know in our hearts we were all celebrating this long overdue change, and 2.  because when I’m 106 years old and looking back over this blog it might be fun to remember what we did on this momentous day.

What we did:  the six of us dropped our 6 children off with some lovely caretakers at the Alameda High School Auditorium to watch what we thought was a musical rendition of the Lion King, but upon picking them up it looked more like a dance recital gone wild.  I won’t say more because I was raised to never say anything that isn’t kind.

While the children were subjected to a dizzying array of multi colored leotards accentuated with fur made from polyurethane, we 6 adults waltzed down the street to a recently reopened restaurant named American Oak.  The highlight of our experience was the lighting fixtures made by our friend Emily Winston, and finding the grenache rose from Tessier Winery mentioned a few posts back – what a coincidence!  😉

Anyway, the evening finished up at the Hobnob, a dive bar sort of place with, again biting my tongue to avoid saying anything unkind.

All in all I just want to say “WOOOOO HA!” because I can now be proud to live in a state that treats all grown-ups equally as far as marriage goes.  Before I was just plain embarrassed to be human – but now I know there is hope for this world.