Out to Dinner with Friends and Chickens

Friday night we dinned at the home of some friends who live in San Rafael.  They, like us, have chickens in their back yard, so we discussed all the possible ways to stop a brooding chicken.  I had recently dealt with one stubborn hen and finally just locked her and the rest of her feathered friends out of the coop, which sadly resulted in one of her flock becoming dinner – probably a raccoon.  We all miss Red and her brown eggs.  RIP Red.

Anyway, our friend is using a novel brood breaking technique-ducking her hen in her swimming pool to lower her body temp and hopefully *()$&*($ up her hormones so she stops her broody nonsense.  So far, not so good.  I’ll keep all you chicken farmers up to date as results come in.

Dinner was great.  Jumbalaya.  I ate it without rice.  Cheese and crackers.  I choose carrot sticks over crackers.  Dungeness crab dip on toasts.  I tried to eat the dip with carrot sticks.  Not totally graceful, but damn that stuff was tasty.

The highlight of the evening was playing a game called Wise and Otherwise.  Try it.  You’ll like it.