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Catching Up

Ack!  I so fell off the blog bandwagon.  Sorry.

Let’s test my memory, shall we?

Last night:

Grilled organic/grass fed onglet steak, grilled asparagus with lemon, sliced heirloom tomatoes, and arugula tossed with olive oil, lemon, and kosher salt.


4th of July:

Dinner at Heather’s with a group of lovely people.  She made the best salmon I have ever had.  I think preparing it involved a magic wand.  Sides were various salads brought by the guests.  I brought a salad that consisted of Trader Joe’s power greens (baby kale, arugula, & chard), nicoise olives, cubed organic peaches (both white and yellow), sliced bresaola, and a shallot/balsamic vinaigrette.  Here is the salmon.  Her kids named him Charlie.


I’d tell you more about the other salads, but Heather’s husband makes very strong margaritas and I don’t remember much.



Some friends came for dinner and I repeated the Gluten Free bahn mi.  (One thing you’ll find about me is that I get on a kick and will make something over and over until we are all tired of it.  Apologies in advance.)  This time, for the side, I made a KILLER recipe out of Gwyneth*’s new cook book (Lee’s Chopped Vietnamese Salad – page 58).  It had napa cabbage, chopped baby bok choy, cucumbers, carrots, herbs, peanuts, thai chili, and a lime juice/shallot/honey/garlic dressing.  I will probably make this again and again and again.  Again, apologies for the repetition.



Heather’s Birthay!  (Happy birthday BFF!!)  We went to dinner at a new place in downtown Oakland with our dear friends Emma & Michael and Jon & Cathy.  The jury is still out on what we thought of the restaurant – it was very meat heavy, but they were SUPER helpful with determining what had gluten in it and what didn’t.  We shared many dishes and they were good, if not a little forgettable.  Emma, what did you think?  The below was NOT gluten-free, but according to everyone at the table quite delicious.   Goat cheese toast, grilled sweet corn, cherry tomatoes.  I plan to make my own GF version of this dish soon.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.16.30 PM


Heather & Sam (and the girls) came over so we could have a “board meeting”.  I attempted to make my signature dish from my college years.  Ceviche.  It’s modeled after the ceviche I enjoyed in Ecuador (which is in a ketchup based sauce) with modern California additions.  It’s a complete bastardization and was pretty, but not quite as tasty as I wanted it to be.  I’ll keep working on it and get back to y’all with the recipe once I’ve figured it out.



This day we took the boys and one of our dogs to the beach to play for the day.  It was supposed to be 97 at the beach, but ended up being only 62.  We froze our buns off, but had so much fun.  Dinner was a stop at Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes Station.  I had a bun-less goat burger (they keep the buns and the meat separate on the grill and don’t use the same spatula – they really knew the drill!) topped with chevre and sauteed shiitake mushrooms.  It was outstanding – especially with the Sean Thackery Pleiades wine.  Highly recommended.


Phew!  I think I’m caught up now.  I’ll try to be better about keeping up!

* Dear Gwyneth,

I’m sorry I was ranting about you the other day.  I really love your new cookbook and would love to come over and cook/eat with you anytime.  Drop me a line……